Jayson Whitmore

Jayson is the owner and head audio engineer of Penumbra Recordings. He recently moved to Maine after graduating as the Valedictorian of his class from The Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science – Emphasis in Media Arts Audio Production and Engineering, and he’s an Avid Certified Pro Tools Music Expert.



Geoff Zimmerman

Geoff has a passion for music (just ask the ER nurse that had to listen to him whistling as she filled out his forms). A musician and a record producer based out of Portland, ME, he graduated from the University of Southern Maine School of Music with a BA degree, and has done work in several studios including The Studio, Acadia Recording Company, Shadowshine Studios, and ORE Sound Lab. He’s most recently enjoying a residency with Penumbra Recordings. He specializes in arranging, orchestrating, and making you sound the best you possibly can.


TJ Whitmore

TJ is a photographer, musician, videographer for Penumbra’s Naked&Free series, and half of the band Caro Khan. He spent 2 years working for Rhymesayers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as their merch guy, working for bands like Atmosphere and Los Nativos. Caro Khan recently performed at KahBang V (2013).



Chris Whitmore

With years of experience in composing and producing songs of many genres, Chris is a strong player in the Penumbra team. His unique style of hip-hop production comes from his influence of industrial and glitch style electronic music. His love for acoustic music has helped trained his ears to understand the power of subtlety. Whatever sound you are trying to capture, he’ll do what it takes to achieve it.